Jan. 3rd, 2011

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Time to hear the conservatives go on and on how gun control curtails our freedom and how the criminals are all gonna kill us in our beds, because we don't have any weapons. Switzerland finally votes on the issue of gun control on February 13. The defense minister (also a right-wing conservative) was awfully dismissive today in an interview in a newspaper of women and how we "don't understand guns". I think we understand them plenty. Women just usually see guns from the wrong end of the barrel. Because guns are used against women. Everytime one of those asshats is going on about how guns make everything safer, I just want to smack them. I've never been in a situation where I wished I had a gun. Having a gun around just gives the illusion of safety.

Everytime some dude runs amok and he kills his family and/or his coworkers, he's using his army gun. Or when someone thinks about suicide and his army gun is there, in his apartment. A couple of years ago, some guy shot a 16year old at a bus stop. Weapon of choice: army gun. Don't effing tell me we're safer, when every effing douche's got a gun. Of course, there are probably gonna be more illegal weapons. People who want a gun, will always be able to get one. I just think we shouldn't hand them out like candy.

I'm thinking about inventing a drinking game. Everytime members of a certain party mention how foreign criminals are going to kill us, take a sip. I'm sure I'd have alcohol poisoning in no time! At the very least, it'd take the edge off listening to them talking nonsense on tv.


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