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I chose Morocco. It's still a long time away I feel. I'm just so tired at work. It's not that it's not doable, it's just that I'm sick and tired of having to do everything by myself. I'm thinking of taking a week off before my vacation. I only have to survive the next week, then my coworker will be back. Maybe a week where it's not raining cats and dogs.

Which brings me to the weather. My god, July was wet. Thankfully, it was also sunny and warm from time to time, but the amount of rain we had is staggering. And it was weird, sometimes it was raining like crazy in the morning, but by 5 or 6 o'clock it was 30 degrees Celsius. Well, I guess it's better than rain and cold.
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God, it's so freaking cold. The past week and a half the weather has been constantly 5 degrees below zero. And to top it off, there's this lovely wind chill, which makes it feel even colder. I know the rest of Europe is even worse off, but brr. I'm so not a fan of winter. And the cold makes my skin all dry and flaky. Can it please be spring?

In Swiss hockey news:
Streit first Swiss Player selected as an All Star. And here's an article about Streit's long way to the NHL.
And yesterday, my favorite Swiss Club the ZSC Lions won and made it into the Champions Hockey League Finale. They don't stand a chance in hell against the Russian club, but still, Top 2 Club in European Hockey. On the way to the finale, they won against Swedish, Czech and Finnish Clubs, so it's a success for Swiss Hockey in general.
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I got some stuff done today. Thanks to my supreme Google skills I found the location of the nearest old clothes container. I got rid of two shopping bags full of old clothes and a pair of shoes. My orientation skills on the other hand are still lacking, it took quite some time to find it, because I'm a doofus. Funnily the location was just around the corner from a apartment I saw years ago when I was looking for an apartment in Zurich. Once I put the clothes away, I felt like a weight was lifted from my shoulders. Weird, hm. I also did iron 4 weeks worth of laundry.

While looking for the container, I was walking through my neighborhood. I love where I'm living. I quite like looking at apartment buildings and houses. They're all so different, especially those not built in the 70's. I love the quirky little details. The weather was good, actual spring temperatures for a change. I love sunshine, it's amazing how my mood is just automatically better, when it's sunny. It's gonna be at least 5 degrees colder and raining tomorrow though. Typical.
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It's freezing outside and I'm cold like hell. And I can't help but think that it's all because this Fall was way too warm. Otherwise I'd be used to it by now. It's cold, but there's still no snow in sight.

I finally got around to iron my laundry and watching the taped Everwood on my DVR. I forgot how much I liked the show. Too bad I got my DVR so late, because I've missed the first 9 episodes of the season. I hope they're rerun sometime soon.

I decided not to do anything on New Year's Eve. I'm just gonna stay in and maybe go out at midnight to watch the fireworks from the bridge. And who knows, maybe Sonja and her boyfriend will be around and we'll do something together.
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It's the time of year where the days and weeks fly by even more than usual. I don't know why that is exactly, but it kinda sucks. It only kinda sucks because the faster the weeks pass by, the sooner it'll be spring again. I'm not a fan of the winter weather. I like snow, but only if I'm in the mountains. Here in the city, where the snow just turns grey and ugly, it's just unnecessary. I don't like cold. At least, I bought a nice new winter coat. I need to find my gloves though. Not a frakking clue where the hell I put them this spring...

On Wednesday, I'll spend some time with my grandma. I'll show her my pictures of San Francisco, we'll have dinner and then we'll go see "Little Miss Sunshine" together. I'm looking forward to that. And then on Saturday, my parents are throwing their birthday dinner for my siblings, so I'll get to spend some time with them. Plus they'll get their birthday presents from me. I hope the t-shirt I bought for my brother actually fits him and my sister likes her new rubber duckies and lipstick case.
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My mom called me today. She and my dad are camping for a week with their students. The weather on Monday was bad, but since then, it's become better every day. Apparently, it's not super exhausting, because they get blocks of time off and are just preparing food with the kids. Also, my mom's must more efficient in getting the students to calm down and shut up in the evenings, which I find funny. My dad went to warn them 3 times and they were still chatting, my mom went once and they shut up. For some reason, I find that extremly amusing.

The weather is pretty good. Today it was 24 degrees again. I wore a skirt, 'cause I have a feeling it might've been one of the last opportunities this year. The workout today was exhausting. I'm really tired now. Maybe I finally manage to go to bed earlier, like I wanted to since Monday.
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God, I'm so tired. I hate the frakking PMS.

I met my mom and my grandma at the busstop this morning. Mom accompanied Grandma to a doctor's appointment and because it was at 8.15 in the morning, my mom slept at her place. It was quite fun having them along on my commute for a change. Of course, my mom had to comment on how some guy was supposedly checking me out and how cute he was. I ignored her comment and didn't look at the guy, because I was embarrassed and my mom didn't exactly whisper all that while he was standing 5 metres away. Typical...

Summer has returned, not with the kind of temperatures of July, but at least the barometer should stay over 20 degrees celsius this week.
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The world is a scary and depressing place. The climate changes more and more, leaving the world with draughts, floods and hurricanes like we've never seen them before. The weather is getting more and more extreme. Case in point this summer: over 30 degrees celsius in July, 15-20 degress and raining in August. That is not normal.

In other shocking news, the rape of a 5 year old girl by two 10 and 13 year old boys is making me sick to my stomach. What has the world come to, if sexual predators start at such a young age. Where will this end? An Indian got beat up this weekend by a couple of racists. I just don't get it. How can you beat up somebody simply based on the colour of their skin? This hate frightens me. It seems that there is no limit of what people will do to each other. The way we treat each other gets more and more violent. And it spirals out of control.


Aug. 28th, 2006 06:45 pm
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It's been a bad day.
Please don't take a picture
It's been a bad day.

I'm annoyed, pissed off, bummed, depressed and cranky all at once. Man, this weather sucks. It's raining all the time. I was cold wearing pants, closed shoes and a longsleeved shirt. This is not how the weather in fucking August is supposed to be, okay? This is probably the coldest and rainy-est August in the past 50 years or so. Damn it. I want to wear T-shirts again.

Martina is still waiting to hear back from the place she interviewed 3 times already. Now all of a sudden they're not sure whether or not they still have a job to offer, because there have been changes in management. Now she'll hear from them in about 2 or 3 weeks. This sucks.

Cecile, my coworker, quit today. She's going to work in the Compliance Department of our mother company. I'm happy for her, of course, because I knew, she wasn't happy with Ariane and stuff. I'm still kind of bummed though, because it just reminds me once again, how I should get off my ass and update my CV, so I can start applying for jobs. It also hurt that she didn't tell us earlier. She never even hinted she was actively looking. Seriously sneaky. I might have to ask her for tips, when we have lunch together on Wednesday.
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This weather sucks. July was stifling hot. August was crap so far, rainy, clouded all the time and cold, and it's been really having an effect on my mood. I don't want summer to be over already. I want to wear one of my many skirts and my sandals. I want to wear T-shirts. This sucks. August is supposed to be warm! I wore my leather jacket today. It's like it's fall already. I want sunshine, damn it.

Yesterday, I had dinner with my brother. As usual, I had a blast hanging out with him. He's a real cool guy. I'm actually going to a grill party he's throwing tomorrow. We had dinner at the Thai Place close to where I live. After that we went back to my apartment, laid on my bed and listened to music. What I really admire about my brother is that he's courageous. A lot of times he does stuff and just doesn't seem to care what everybody else's thinking. He's also not afraid to show his feelings. He told me that there's a girl that's coming to the Party he really likes. You probably could only get me to admit something like this after a lot of prodding, and inquisition style questioning. My mom's good at that.


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