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This week is particularly stressfull for me. I have 5 end of the semester exams. Today was a very frustrating day. And I fear tomorrow will not be much better. But at least tomorrow at 3 o'clock this whole thing is over (for the next 4 or 5 months).

I had my first exam Wednesday, which went okay. All in all, it's just about 20% of my total grade, so I'm not worried. Today I had two exams. And they both went terribly. What was especially helpful was the massive headache I had the whole day. The one in the morning is also not much of a concern, it's 50% of my grade in the subject and I'm pretty sure that I have at least a A-, if not an A in the other 50%. The one this afternoon concerns me more, since the grade of the exam = my grade in the subject. I hope the prof is lenient when correcting it, otherwise I'll end up having a D and I need a C.

Tomorrow we have another 2 exams, 1 in the morning, the other in the afternoon. Thankfully 1 is open book, so I don't have to cram everything from that into my brain as well. Both are difficult subjects: Programming and Information Management. I fear Information Management more, but Programming could be tricky as well, depending on what question the prof poses. Basically I hope that I manage passing grades in all of them. And I wish it was 20 hours later and over.

I'm so tired, I wish I could go to sleep now.


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