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God, it's so freaking cold. The past week and a half the weather has been constantly 5 degrees below zero. And to top it off, there's this lovely wind chill, which makes it feel even colder. I know the rest of Europe is even worse off, but brr. I'm so not a fan of winter. And the cold makes my skin all dry and flaky. Can it please be spring?

In Swiss hockey news:
Streit first Swiss Player selected as an All Star. And here's an article about Streit's long way to the NHL.
And yesterday, my favorite Swiss Club the ZSC Lions won and made it into the Champions Hockey League Finale. They don't stand a chance in hell against the Russian club, but still, Top 2 Club in European Hockey. On the way to the finale, they won against Swedish, Czech and Finnish Clubs, so it's a success for Swiss Hockey in general.
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Workdays that is, til my coworker is back from her vacation. I try handling her cases, but it's a bit difficult sometimes because I still feel very unsure about the subject matter. I have help and people that I can go to, but they are not always available when I need them and waiting for them to be free makes everything take longer. So, today when I left there were about 4 open cases and 2 other things that I need to be doing on Monday. Plus, for some reason everybody was trying to reach someone from our team, the phones were ringing like crazy.

Something positive:
The Zurich Lions won! Swiss Champions, baby!

Article on about the Swiss Playoff Final (written before Game 6)
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OMG, you guys, I may have aged prematurely in the past 90 minutes. The Lions won after the shootout and the whole game was super close and intense. Only one more win and they're Swiss Champion. The whole thing could happen as soon as Thursday, but Game 7, if needed would be on Saturday. Now I need to sleep, because I have to get earlier than usual tomorrow.
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I'm watching the third game of the Playoff final. My team, the Zurich Lions, have lost the first 2 games. And they are tied 2:2 after 17 minutes. But boy, does their powerplay suck. During their first powerplay of the game, the other team actually made a shorthander. It's gotten to the point where I don't want the other team to get 2 minutes, because I'm getting scared ;-) I don't know if I can stomach the whole game. I don't like to see my team lose.

ETA: They won 3:2!
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Number 1: The Zurich Lions won today and made it into the Swiss Playoff final where they will play against Geneva-Servette. They won the sixth game 5:1 against their arch-nemesis Davos. What a difference a year makes... Davos won Swiss Champion last year.

Number 2: Yesterday I got the boots that I ordered about 3 weeks ago. My first and only pair of boots and they actually fit. Okay they don't fit perfectly, because compared to my calves, my ankles are normal sized, so there's a bit of a bulge. They still look okay on me. I'm gonna wear them tomorrow to work. I might also play enabler to one of my coworkers, because we talked today and she's looking for boots and has trouble finding boots she likes and that fit. I bought these from Duo Boots.
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The weather this easter was absolute crap. It was actually snowing today. Friday it was raining horizontally. I'm really looking forward to a time when I can wear skirts again. Not that seems to be anytime soon, shit....

My favorite Hockey team, the Zurich Lions, lost their fifth game in the playoff semifinal. They played pretty badly, except for like the last 4 minutes of the game, when they finally decided to participate, scored once and then shortly thereafter would have scored again, except the goal was moved 10 cm by the goalie and didn't count. That of course was the end of them. The Lions now lead the best of seven series 3:2. Hopefully they get their act together and show a reaction on Thursday.

Work is still good, except the management decided that every phone needs to be answered by people from the team. Which means we can't just forward our phones to the reception when we go to lunch. Now we have to come up with some sort of plan, so that everyday somebody's covering the phones and take lunch in shifts. Thankfully Nicole, boss of one the teams, doesn't think it's all our, the two assistants, job to cover the phones. I don't need to have lunch with the other assistant that I share my office with every single day of the week, but it would be nice if it were possible once or twice times a week. Well, we'll see how it will turn out.
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I still haven't called my grandma. I did see her though today at the busstop. We didn't talk long, but she's seems up to what I suggested. I'm gonna call her tomorrow so we can talk about the details.

I watched Torchwood, the Doctor Who spinoff, this weekend. I liked it. There are some bits that are in need of finetuning, the writing isn't stellar so far. But I'll totally be checking out Series 2. Oh my god, it's gonna take so long until the show comes to Germany or Switzerland...

The newest episode of Heroes was awesome, as usual. I love the show, it's my favourite new show this TV season. And it's probably gonna take at least 2 years til Heroes is released on DVD in Region 2... That's just a wild guess. It's kinda depressing to think about things in these terms. The globalisation that everybody's talking about is really slow in terms of TV rights/distribution/DVD releases etc. Don't even get me started on the sad fact that as a consumer who doesn't live in the US, you feel like a second class consumer. Not only get DVD's released months, if not years, later than in Region 1, some shows never even get released here. Or if they release them, they release them in two parts, making you pay double (eg. CSI, Gilmore Girls, Desperate Housewifes, Lost). Or you get the complete season, but they don't include the extras that are on the Region 1 DVDs. How hard is it to subtitle an extra? I'm just saying, the powers that be really shouldn't be surprised that people are importing Region 1 DVDs. Isn't the customer supposed to be king? As a consumer, I'm simply not feeling the love here, people.

My favorite Swiss Hockey team, the Zurich Lions are up 2-0 in the first Playoff Series. Awesome! And really unexpected, 'cause they barely made the Playoffs and were playing badly most of the season.
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I'm happy that the Italians won the Football (Soccer) World Championships. Yay for the Tifosi!

Here are some of the icons I made:

Tomorrow I'm off to IKEA with my mum to finally buy a kitchen table. I'm looking forward to that! I still have to pack for Wednesday.
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I'm happy, because during my vacation my favorite hockey player, Mark Streit, signed a two year contract with the Montreal Canadiens. This is a good sign, for Swiss Hockey and him, because that looks like a vote of confidence by the GM of the Habs.

On Tuesday, Sonja came over and signed the Contract. I can't believe that after the months of search, I finally found a roommate. It's slowly sinking in that she's moving in on Sunday. I get a lot of stuff done that I wanted/needed to do for a couple of months. I'm on a roll, organizing and writing people. I got the hotel reservation for my vacation in July in Ticino. Things are going great!

On Saturday I saw "The Sentinel". Good movie, very entertaining, good cast. I can definitively recommend it. There were a couple of things that went through my mind, while I was watching it. The difference between the political systems of the USA and Switzerland struck me. In the US, the president is not only the most powerful politician, but also a symbol of the country, an icon, someone who's on a pedestal, isolated from the very people he's trying to lead. In Switzerland, our highest politicians are still "normal", down to earth people, some of them even commuting to work by public transport. They have bodyguards if they're appearing somewhere in an official function, but they certainly don't have a 24 security detail following them and their loved ones into the bathrooms. And because they're 7 people and the power is therefore not concentrated, they are probably lesser at risk of being killed by a terrorist or a lunatic. I personally prefer our system, but that's the Swiss Mentality talking. Swiss never wanted to have a king, the concentration of power in the hands of one being frightens them. Plus I think it's nice to have politicians who are closer to the issues "Joe Normal" is having, because they don't live secluded in a golden cage.
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The Swiss Team just lost against the Ukraine in the Penalty Shooting. They were so close and then their luck just run out. That's bitter for the team. They were much better this time this World Championship than last. But there's always the European Championship in 2 years that will be co-hosted by Switzerland and Austria. The Team is young, the majority is less than 25 years old. Maybe they really hit their peak in 2 years. It's sad that it ended so soon. The whole country was united for once.

Tomorrow, Sonja will come by and sign the Sublet Contract. My landlord couldn't really help me, I've found another version of it as well as the Contract I signed with my old roommate. I don't know yet which contract she'll end up signing, maybe I ask Cecile for advice. I feel a little scared of having a roommate again. It will be an adjustment after 3 months of living alone. There's also quite a bit of cleaning/clearing away things that needs to be done before Sunday.
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I hate when people don't answer their e-mails and call back when they should. I emailed my landlord twice and have not yet heard from them, although I clearly stated that the matter was urgent because my new roommate wants to move in on July 1, which is Saturday. As in next Saturday. Now I have to call them tomorrow and it's annoying. I get that you can't always respond back immediately, because you have a ton of other stuff to do, but I do expect to receive an answer after 2 days.

And my mom is also not great with the whole calling back principle. Although as I found out today at our family barbecue, my dad maybe the culprit and forgot telling her I called altogether. In the end, he actually denied being at home when I called on Tueday. Right Dad, I must have talked to an imposter who sounded just like you *eyeroll*.

I'm proud that the Swiss Football (Soccer) Team got into the Round of the last sixteen at the World Championships. They are all quite young and won their group, ahead of France (!). There's even a 50:50 chance of them beating the Ukraine tomorrow.

New Icon

Jun. 19th, 2006 11:16 pm
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I made a new icon today. A Doctor Who themed one because I've seen a couple of episodes of the New Doctor Who Series and I must say I quite like it. Unfortunately, it's gonna take at least a couple of months until it's shown on German Televison.

Of course, I rather make a new icon than something real productive, something I should do, like clean, or have a look at my Italian Homework. At least, I did my laundry today. Because I was away 2 weeks ago, I had 4 weeks worth of laundry. I must say, I'm surprised that I have underwear for more than 5 weeks. Things you learn when you can't do laundry for a while.

The football (soccer) fever in Switzerland has reached new heights. Today Switzerland played against Togo. They played at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when everybody was working. We don't have a TV at work. I didn't need one either, because I could hear people everywhere cheer when they scored the first goal. It ended 2-0.


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