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I spent yesterday afternoon with my mom. That was very spontaneously. My mom had called me on Saturday to ask me something else. Turns out, my dad went rock climbing yesterday and my mom was up for spending some time together. We went to take a walk, because the weather was great. A little sunshine never failed to improve my mood. Mom is stressed because two weeks before her vacation, the travel agency changed the flight plan, which puts my parents in a bind, 'cause they have to be back on Sunday to be able to teach on Monday. They organized a substitute teacher, but the school board has to approve. That really shouldn't be a problem, but my mom is never the less anxious.

Later, we went to see "The Holiday" together. I was pleasantly surprised, it was a good deal more touching and funny than I had expected. I love Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz was well cast and Jude Law actually earned a few Brownie Points back after "Closer".

I still nurse the cold. I started to take medication on Friday, but so far, no major improvement.
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I just watched "Ella Enchanted" and loved it. It's so freaking cute. I know, it's technically a movie for kids and I'm just about 15 years too old for it. But it's so cute.... And Anne Hathaway is so pretty. She's my girlcrush. She has a natural gift for comedy and she can sing too.

I've been getting to know my roommate slowly, in small bits and pieces. I like her musical taste. She has KT Tunstall's album, Norah Jones, an album of Belle and Sebastian and Beautiful South. So kind of similiar to mine, but still different. I'm slowly exposing her to more Swiss stuff. I gave her my CD of a German Comedian doing a Swiss Edition of his programme to listen to. If she likes it, I'll give her my comicbook "Zurich by Mike", because there are a lot of good observations about people from Zurich. And tomorrow we will go see "The Break-Up" together. I suggested that, because I thought it would be nice if we spent more time together.


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