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I had a great time in San Francisco. San Francisco is a great city. I love the steep hills and even the fast changing weather. And the Golden Gate Bridge is breathtaking, no matter how many times you have seen it in the past. Another great thing about SF are the people: They are superfriendly and eager to help. You can't look at a map for more than 30 seconds without being asked if you need help.

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Jul. 21st, 2006 09:33 pm
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I had a lovely time in Ascona last week. What is amazing about the Ticino, the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, is how close it is to Zurich. It takes 3 hours by train and you're immediately transported into another world. The weather is usually a lot better there, the whole climate is different. The are palm trees and other plants you won't find north of the Gottardo. The weather was great while I was down there. Ok, there were storms in the evenings, but they were summerstorms. They didn't really cool the air down. I arrived Wednesday and I went to the Lido in Ascona everyday. I had a great time with Daniel and Martina. Daniel was already there since Sunday and Martina arrived on Friday. On Thursday, Daniel and I went to Locarno to see Bryan Adams in Concert. That was great. The atmosphere on the Piazza Grande is special. Bryan Adams played for almost 2 hours. I especially liked the second encore, the 3 last songs, with just him on guitar and singing. I had a great time with Daniel and Martina. It's been a while since we have spent so much time together. I enjoyed that a lot. These 4 days were very relaxing and felt much longer somehow.

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I returned to work after a week off and I'm already ready for more time off. God, I wanted to kill my boss, because I do not only have a ton of work to do from her and catch up on my work from last week, I also get to do part of my coworkers, who's on vacation for 2 weeks. What a great return. I had a headache, my eyes hurt and I was ready to go home by 4. Thankfully I didn't have to go to this work event that I was dreading. That really would have topped this lovely day off.

I'm still getting used to living with Sonja. The thing that annoys me most about her it that she takes forever in the bathroom. I have no idea what she does so long in there. Today I couldn't even brush my teeth in the morning, because she was still in there. If the same thing happens tomorrow, I'll ask her to hand me my toothbrush and toothpaste outside. Maybe she'll get the drift. Another thing that I'm not getting is the whole door closing thing. Let me explain: I sleep with the door of my room closed and I close the door of the bathroom when I'm using it. Sonja on the other hand closes doors all the time, like the kitchen door at night. She locks the door to the bathroom when she's using it, which I think is really unnecessary. In an apartment with two people, is that really necessary? When the door is closed and I don't hear her anywhere else in the apartment, I'm assuming she's in the bathroom, so I don't barge in.

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More on my 4 days in Ascona later...
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Pictures from my vacation in Sicily which was great

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Apr. 25th, 2006 09:51 pm
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I realised this weekend while walking through Zurich, that even though I've lived here for only 2 years, I have a lot memories of it. This is probably because I worked/went to school in Zurich since I was 16. So I go through the streets and it's like, oh I worked there, that's where I went to school, that's where I had my first job interview, this is where I go to my Tae Bo Class, this is where I worked for a short time and was miserable, that's where I went to internal school. All this just drives home the fact that I'm really rooted here in Zurich. I love that.

When I was at my grandma's a week ago, we looked at her old photos. I had no idea that my grandparents got married in this church in my neighbourhood some 50 odd years ago. I mean, it makes sense, because they both grew up in my neighbourhood, my grandmother never moved out of it, but I never made the connection. And by some weird coincidence I ended up living in the same street where my grandmother lives, where my mother grew up, the same neighbourhood where my grandparents grew up in. I saw a lot of pictures of things that I recognised, because even after 50 years, they're still the same. The concept that time passed before you and will after you die, just kinda makes you feel small and unimportant. We all are just wheels in a much bigger machine and sometimes it's good to remember that.
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My bedroom is still a work in progress, although I moved my stuff over from my old one two weeks ago. Mainly, it's because the pictures haven't been put up and I haven't unpacked all of my boxes yet. The last box is full of books that I don't need anymore. All I need to do now is auction them off. Yesterday I finally put the first 6 books up for auction in a bundle and it already got a bid.

I still haven't found a new roommate. And there are no viable prospects at the moment either. But while I don't mind living alone, I really would love to find someone, end the search and all that. A couple of people were here to look at the apartment, and with some of them I had a good gut feeling. But the 2 people that I would have wanted to move in, they both said no in the end. It can't be so freaking hard, can it? This is Zurich we're talking about, where there are less than 1 permille apartments free.

I did get to my hairdresser on time and got my hair cut. My next appointment is even earlier. I don't even get up to go to work at 6.30, but in 6 weeks I'm gonna have to. Unfortunately, there was no other one available.

I don't get to sleep in tomorrow either, damn it. My mom called, she's sleeping over at grandma's and she invited me over for breakfast. Well, at least it only takes me 3 minutes to get over there and I factor in about 10 minutes to get dressed to maximise my sleeping time.
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The weather today was beautiful. I took a long walk through several parks. As soon as the weather's decent, everybody is outside with their families, walking, inline-skating etc. I took some pictures and realised once again that I live in one of the most beautiful cities of the world. Tomorrow I have to get up at the crack of dawn to get my hair cut. I really hope I don't oversleep.
I watched "Pride and Prejudice" again while ironing my laundry. I flove this movie so much. It's like the ultimate chickflick.
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It's 4 a.m. on Good Friday and I'm still awake. Once I decided to sign up for LiveJournal, there were all these things that I had to try out, that's why I'm still up, watching my Coupling DVDs and downloading stuff. I'm very happy that I have 4 days off, I really need them. Hopefully, tomorrow's better weather than today.


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