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My sister is pregnant and getting married in little more than a week. Of course, this calls for family drama. Apparently she didn't invite all of our aunts and uncles. This has led to my grandmother and one aunt, who was invited because she's her godmother, to decline the invitation in solidarity. I get their reasons, but on the other hand, that particular grandmother has exactly 3 grandkids. She's 86 years old and it's not likely that my brother or me are getting married soon. So, she's missing her wedding for that... But while I adore the aunt that is my sister's godmother, she did basically ruin my sister's 30th birthday party because she started a fight with my sister's groom to be and then dramatically flounced off. So maybe it's for the best if they are not there.

I've been feeling emotionally out of sorts recently. My emotions are all over the place since my grandfather died in 5 weeks ago. All the talk about the wedding and pregnancy (a friend is also pregnant) has also led me to contemplate the sad state of my love life. It's the perfect storm of unprocessed grief, coming down from a stressful year of studying and being faced with how much I'd like to find someone. It puts me on edge and makes me prone to cry at a moment's notice. Basically I'd love a real vacation where I don't have to think about school stuff at all and just read lot's of books someplace nice. Unfortunately, that can't happen anytime soon. This summer, during semester break, I get to do a project for school. Because stressing me out for 9 1/2 months wasn't enough, they had to do it all year round. It means I have been working 100% since the beginning of June and will do so til the end of August. It's more responsibility and more expectations from my employer during the project. So yay, more stress on top of being stressed. Can it be Fall 2014 already, please?


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