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I managed to survive exam week. The day after I went to two seperate birthday parties. One was more of a tea/coffee and cake affair, but the other was a drinks in a bar/clubbing all night thing. Because I wasn't tired for once, I was dancing all night and took the first bus home. It was fun dancing, I don't do it enough.

What wasn't fun was the flu I got not 48 hours later. I spent the next 6 days in bed. I had a 10 days off school between the fall and spring semester and I was sick most for most of them. Great, but it gets better. When I returned to work on Monday, my wallet got stolen, containing all my cards and the train tickets I'd already bought for Chur. So my evening consisted of calling to block my cards and going to the local police station to report it stolen. Not what I needed, especially because I still got a cough, so I didn't feel a 100%. I feel naked without my cards.

I survived this week and the four days in Chur. Part of the days were a complete waste of time. But there were bright spots: Information/Media Law was way more interesting than expected. The prof loves to hear himself talk, but he's entertaining. As usual the start of the semester is very demotivating, because you haven't even started and they tell you all the presentations you have to hold and the papers you have to write and so forth.

On a positive note, we got our grades back. I passed the Assessment-Level! Yay! And I managed a passing grade in Information Retrieval, the one exam I really felt I screwed up. And I rocked Programming. I'm really happy with my grades. Now off to semester 4!


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