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-After a year long search, I found a new roommate. She's German like my previous one, 33 years old and works in a restaurant. She came by on April 29, signed the contract on April 30 and moved in on May 1. Everything was really quick.

-I sent off my application for the school I want to start in the fall. Today I received a letter saying that I fulfill all the necessary requirements to start studying there. I won't know if I got in until June, but I'm still excited and more than a little scared. I'm a little step closer to becoming a part time student in the fall.

-I cleaned out my closet, went through all my stuff. I ended up getting rid of 4 big bags of clothes. I finally have a little space in my closet. It felt really good to get rid of all that.

-I participated in a raffle to win tickets to see "Dear John" and I won. That was very unexpected! I went with my oldest friend. We had fun and got a goody bag from ELF afterwards. The movie itself is not bad, but nothing you need to see. Amanda Seyfried is adorable as always. I have a little girlcrush on her. And they filmed it in South Carolina, which looks very pretty.

-I wrote two job applications. One got me a meeting on Thursday at a job placement / temp agency. It was weird wearing business clothes after about 6 or 7 weeks of wearing very cashual clothes. I should totally write more job applications, will do that this weekend.


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